01. White Lies
02. Do You Hear?

I wish to live both the length and width of my life. After all, life's too short to be cooped up in a corner, waiting for the time when we breathe our last breath.

Hi, I'm Ashley, feel free to ask~

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The Free Fandom.

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It’s 2089. all cops have been replaced by genetically modified dogs that let children pet them, help old ladies cross the street, chase down criminals, never eat donuts, bark at cat-callers, analyze dna, easily track down murders, pee on white collar criminals, and tear the faces off of rapists. utopia has been reached. 

How was this accomplished you ask?
Well its simple
Dogs are colorblind


oh my god

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cream puffs

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You’ll make mistakes, but as long as what you’re focused on is what you’re passionate about, all the other things will fall into place. If there’s anything you’re going to give less priority to, it shouldn’t be your passion. You can never go wrong with that.

Great advice from Dan Rubin, in celebration of The Great Discontent turning three today. (via creativesomething)

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my followers: oh fuck not another fandom please god no WHY
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